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Ocxyzen Team Offsites

An offsite, that’s not just limited to an offsite, it has elements of collective evolution and growth and tucxionZ too. Ocxyzen team offsites can be a Health & Fitness offsite, team building offsite or pure joy & celebrations. Ocxyzen Outdoor Management Development Programmes are meant to energise and develop teams, with interesting engaging activities in outdoor nature locations. We can put together a fantastic outdoor experience coupled with Team Development activities to fulfill organizational & team objective.

Offsite can also be organized in the mountains through a trek or on a village campsite locations or in a urban resort too. Team Ocxyzen has Able trainers, Innovative Thinkers, Scholars, Healers, Counselors, HR Professionals, Up-Hill Athletes, Fitness Coaches and Outdoor Trek Professionals.

Choose a Location, Choose a Theme & Choose Activities

Choose a Location
Choose your Theme
Choose Activities Genre
  1. Resort Nearby
  2. Exotic Resort in India
  3. Exotic Location Outside India
  4. Gramananda Camps in Haridwar
  5. Himalayan Village Camps
  6. Treks of Uttrakhand
  7. Treks of Himachal
  1. Wellness Retreat
  2. Yog & Dhyan Retreat
  3. Mountain Retreat
  4. Hiking Retreat
  5. Village Retreat
  6. Adventure Retreat
  7. Wilderness Retreat
  8. Mindful Food Wellness Retreat
  9. Exploring Unknown Retreat
  10. Return to Innocence Retreat
  11. Art & Creativity Retreat
  12. Return to Innocence Retreat
  13. Fun and Energy Retreat
  14. Sports Retreat
  15. Music & Dance Retreat
  16. Books and Storytelling Retreat
  17. Retro Retreat
  18. or AYLI Retreat
  19. Your Ideas
  1. Adventure
  2. Sports
  3. Art
  4. Craft
  5. Music
  6. Dance
  7. Theatre
  8. Science
  9. Recreation
  10. Games
  11. Literature
  12. Story Telling
  13. Comedy
  14. Wellness
  15. or AYLI
  16. Share Your Ideas
4 to 5 Hours Activities

Our Famous Day Long Activities

1. Domino Effect

Let’s put that teamwork, patience and resource management to test!

This activity involves various teams arranging brightly colored dominoes and collaborating with other teams to create a gigantic display. Each team is in charge of the assembly and design of one part of this display. These teams then have to collaborate amongst themselves to link their individual pieces and in turn create a giant masterpiece. Toppling one part of this machine starts a chain reaction and topples all the other parts creating a beautiful effect.

Key takeaways

Each person in the team has to collaborate with the other team members, encouraging team spirit.
Every participant has to be patient to contribute to the ultimate goal.
Everyone focuses on individual participation yet working for success of the group as a whole.
Working in a time and resource constrained environment emulates real-life scenarios.
Planning, designing, management and execution are all part of the game just like those projects!

Creating dominoes

2. Rube GoldBerg Machine (Triggerotronics)

Wait, what machine? If that’s your reaction then read on and be enlightened!

A Rube Goldberg machine is one which is designed in a way that it performs a simple task in an indirect and complex manner. These require a level of skill and patience as the activity is not about completing the task, but to do it in the best possible over-complicated way. Well that’s what it is! These can then be linked to dominoes to trigger the domino effect or may end up being a part of a chain reaction until the final task is complete. It’s all about over-engineering.

Key takeaways

Planning and designing the machine.

Teamwork and patience to build what you planned.

Being creative with the over-complication.

3. Outdoor Fun Sports

When having a fun day out is all you need we know that it’s time for a mini Olympics for your organization.

The day starts with pre-formed teams marching in matching t-shirts or waving flags   and shouting team slogans. With colors added to the day with this march, the activities commence and the teams compete against each other in various activities putting individual skills and abilities to test. Activities include – spoon and marble race, three-legged race, bucket and water race, pass the person, relay races and many more to get you going. With the scoreboard in place displaying each team’s score and the crowd cheering for their teams it becomes a playground full of teamwork, planning and communication. Innovation and action added to  all this kicks off a day full of enthusiasm, laughter and fun.

Key takeaways

A sense of trust develops in teams as the day passes.

The group’s strengths and weaknesses are identified.

Cooperation, participation and decision-making during the events promotes team building.

Teams work together like never before to make it to the top.

Competition, learning and fun – that’s what the day is about!

4. Paint Puzzle

Time to look at ‘The Bigger Picture’
If you’re someone who is inspired by the mission and vision then this is just the right thing for you!

An artwork which reflects your organisation’s goals and values is curated by our designers. The event starts with teams collecting brushes, colors and knowing their piece of the puzzle. It involves mixing colors in the right proportions, collaborating with the other teams and communicating internally to paint your share of the overall masterpiece. The unveiling of this shared vision is accompanied by enthusiastic cheers and applause, because why not! So, dive right in and play your part in this remarkable work of art.

Key takeaways

Working towards a shared vision

Strategizing before acting.

Wisely using the available resources, because you don’t wanna fall short.

Communicating and collaborating with individuals and teams to complete the overall artwork.

5. Build A Raft

When adventure and thrill meet effective teamwork, the day becomes memorable.

Each team will be provided with logs, planks, ropes, and everything else required to build a sturdy raft. The goal is to build a raft strong enough to support your team and be the last one afloat. Each team will be required to communicate and coordinate with the other team members to utilize the basic available items to the fullest. Being creative and organized is the key to winning this activity. As the team devices a plan and modifies it to suit the circumstances a sense of experiential learning and growth is instilled.

Key takeaways

Effective planning and team building.

Being organized and working in constrained resource environment.

Adopting new techniques and re-planning to suit the course of the game.

Utilising the creative side of you.

Communication, coordination and time management are necessary in every group setting.

6. Scavenger Hunt

Inspired by to-do lists, are you? Be ready to be creative too!

This activity requires you to collect as many items from the list as possible. Sorry, you can’t really purchase them! Plan and distribute your share of tasks, crack clues, manipulate people, show some photography and videography skills and cross all those items off your list. This would require people to be creative and learn to overcome challenges to make the team win. Staying in constant communication and helping each other as a team will become a key factor to be the first team to cross off the items on the list.

Key takeaways

Constructive plans and effective execution of these to collect as many items as possible, in the shortest time.

Helping your team members with their tasks, to reach the desired goal.

Being in constant communication with team about updated status of the list.

Working in a creative, challenging environment and going beyond your comfort and knowledge domain to find ways to collect the items.

7. Treasure Hunt

When it comes to fun, problem solving and competition, this classic is the just the one!

Treasure hunt is one of it’s kind event where each team has to crack through a series of clues to race to an exclusive treasure (well you’ve got to share it with your team, of course). Each team starts with one clue leading to another. Your team’s individual skills and abilities will be put to test as you will decipher the clues. The team will be required to work together like never before to solve each clue. This will help in highlighting each person’s strengths and weaknesses which will help the teams to cooperate, participate and learn to benefit from the strengths and work on the weaknesses. With this increased awareness about each employee’s skills this activity would bring forth understanding, cooperation and respect amongst team members. Oh well, you also have time to beat and have tons of fun!

Key takeaways

Communication and teamwork at its best.

Problem solving skills as an individual and team to crack those clues.

Cooperation and mutual understanding about each other’s strengths and weaknesses to decipher the clues and move ahead in the game.

Time management and goal oriented decision making.

8. The Craft Factory Challenge

Recall the last time you were anywhere close to craft making?

This activity is specifically designed to bring out the colorful and creative side of your organisation.

The activity is setup in a factory assembly line format and the teams are required to plan and break the task into smaller pieces. Owning and coordinating amongst these sub tasks is what carves out successful pieces of craft. The goal here is to attain the specified quantity as well as quality till the final whistle blows off. This is a perfect setting to test teamwork, leadership, delivery and quality control practices. Things like pen-stands, wall clocks, toys, etc. crafted during the activity can then be presented to NGOs to bring a smile on the face of an underprivileged person.

Key takeaways

Sense of shared satisfaction comes out of successfully delivering your craft.

Contributing towards a social cause inculcates a feeling of adding value to the society.

Decision making and goal orientation are necessary as the clock ticks.

Creative thinking and teamwork are the key to carving out the perfect pieces of craft.

9. Human Voice Orchestra

Recall the last time you were anywhere close to craft making?

This activity is specifically designed to bring out the colorful and creative side of your organisation.

The idea is to sensitize participants to their own vocal potential. To experiment with variations and nuances in sound. Participants learn to listen not only to each other but also to sounds in the environment within and without space they are in. Results vary, it can create a catharsis in some cases, but a very powerful bonding in all cases. We start the interactive exercise by asking people to lie on the carpeted floor together in alternate circles with heads together or feet together. Those who cannot lie can sit on chairs in circles facing each other or with their backs to each other.

Key takeaways

Sense of shared creation comes out of collectively creating a music.

Power of Catharsis as the music gets induced to one another

Sensitization to own vocal potentials

Creative thinking and teamwork are the key to create a musical orchestra.

10. Mumbai Dabbawala Simulation game by Dr. Pawan Agrawal

Lets understand through a game that what makes Mumbai Dabbawala suppl chain impeccable curated by the expert Dr. Pawan Agrawal itself.

Key takeaways

Sense of Team Work comes out of completing a task that is a part of a long chain.

Power of Determination as participants understand what makes dabbawala so efficient

Sensitization to own vocal potentials

Creative thinking and teamwork are the key to create happiness in the whole world

1 to 2 Hours Activities

Engaging Team Energizers

1. Unique color to Mandala

A small energizing activity to depict how with same resources, different teams create different effects. This activity requires focus and team coordination.

2. Magazine Story

In this activity, each team has to create an imaginary magazine stories about a project. They have to get the right images, come up with headlines, formulate quotes, etc. It is a game concerning pure imagination. the aim is to assume around a perfect future state for the organization. The aim is to suspend all disbelief and envision a future state that’s therefore stellar that it landed your organization on a widely known magazine. The players should project as if this future has already taken place and has been reported by the thought media.

3. Team Jigsaw

A deceptively simple game. Teams have to complete a jigsaw within a specified time limit. Except there’s one catch, some of the puzzle pieces are with other teams. To successfully complete their puzzle, the teams are forces to work together.

4. Human Foosball Game

The world popular Foosball game turns into a real life excitement. Same table foosball rules apply except that you are in the field, this time! Teams compete with each other in this fast moving game. You don’t need to be a footballer.

All you need is the spirit of fun and team work. The activity can last as long as we want and turn this into a league format where the teams can play for grand prize! The teams are tested for synergy, planning and involvement

5. Pitching the Tent Team Building Game

Game of team building and accepting responsibilities in a team & debrief.

Activity shall be Pitching the tent. 7 team members in each team, out of 14 hands just two hands will be available to perform, while 7 heads will be giving instructions.

6. String Pen Sketches

This activity is about patience, creativity, teamwork and time management. A brush with 6 strings attached to it is given to each team. A theme is decided by our team in collaboration with your organisation and each team has to sketch based on this. Well don’t hold that brush, instead the strings have to be used to move and draw on the canvas! Let’s add colors to the outing then!

7. Double Dragon

A game of mindfulness, teamwork, planning and collaboration. Strings are attached to a hula hoop for each team member to hold. The goal is to use these strings to guide a blindfolded team member standing in the hula hoop  through various checkpoints and reach the finish line before anyone else does. Also, the blindfolded person will be carrying a ball between the feet and everytime it falls the team has to start from the last checkpoint. So, challenge yourself and take it on!

8. Balloon Team Activities

A Series of fun activities using balloons to infuse team learning. Find your balloon, save your balloon, balloon Manhattan.

9.Odd Couples Game, for creating teams

A unique way of dividing in teams. On any team, you will have people with different personalities. But sometimes, these different personalities actually have things in common. Getting team members to appreciate their differences can improve team bonding.

10. A Collage by putting together 100 small pieces

Drawing a lesson, how small small efforts, put together under right guidance and yield big and beautiful result.

11. Script a story Session

Through a story/ movie making, with just words depict, what are you taking back!!!

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